The Guide'S Guide Augmented: Reflections On Guiding Professional River Trips

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The definitive--and only--how-to book on professional river guiding, The Guide's Guide Augmented presents a comprehensive philosophy and a wealth of detailed methods for creating Deep Fun: Life enhancing river trips which entertain, inspire, educate, thrill, heal & delight! Used by guides, outfitters and trip leaders worldwide, The Guide's Guide Augmented covers every aspect of the multifaceted art of river guiding: People, leadership and conflict-resolution skills; all aspects of a guide's role in creating fun, uplifting, learning-filled trips; safety talks; guide training; signals; knots; high-water safety; swiftwater rescue; emergency evacuation & coping with accidents; minimizing liability; expedition food planning; nature interpretation made fascinating; boatloads of hilarious river, land & bus games which really bring people together; and much, much more!!

At 316 pages, The Guide's Guide Augmented includes a completely updated version of the original 1981, 140-page Guide's Guide contents, plus a wealth of new material. Some of our guides think we're crazy to sell The Guide's Guide and crazier still to sell The Guide's Guide Augmented because they feel these books give away our trade secrets, our competitive edge, the philosophy and methods which distinguish the trips of Whitewater Voyages from those of other outfitters. I really believe, however, that the safer and better all rafting trips and outdoor recreation experiences, the better for all of us. The more people who return home in one piece, thrilled and delighted with their river trip or outdoor outing, the more river rafting and outdoor recreation in general will be seen as a great thing to do and the more all outfitters, the recreating public and our rivers, forests and other recreation resources will benefit.

It is my hope that The Guide's Guide Augmented will be helpful, even inspirational, to guides, trip leaders, outfitters, government agency river and recreation managers, private boaters and adventure travel companies of all sorts. Any individual, company or group which practices the philosophy and methods presented in this book is welcome to consider The Guide's Guide Augmented their own staff manual. Although the myriad users of this book are independent, far flung adventurers, guides, private boaters, outfitters, tour operators and recreation resource managers, at the very same time, ideally, we are all working together to enhance the quality of life on--and win friends for--this planet! The highest purpose of this book is to contribute to this broad, growing, wonderful effort--which is, after all, an ongoing quest of planet-saving proportions.

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