Show Me The Trade: Revolutionary Black Box For Profit In Stock And Options

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Would you like to know how you could be on the right side of every trade?

Have you been burned trying to pick the top or bottom of a stock or ETF?

Would you like to spend less time analyzing and more time enjoying life?

It s time to stop giving the market permission to steal your peace, and hard-earned money. You will discover for yourself how to produce amazing, consistent, and reliable investment results year after year.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement . . . I know exactly how you feel. You intuitively know there is a better way, but you re not sure where to start or who to trust.

Well, if I could look you in the eye I would say your search is over! In this book I reveal a very unique system designed with you in mind . . . one that will guide you effortlessly how to grow wealthy.

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest threat to your wealth is the age-old idea of buy and hold investing. Millions of investors, possibly you included, have fallen prey to this antiquated, failed system and have lost tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars.

I want every investor to be on the right side of every trade. Yes the proprietary algorithms behind my system are complex, but I ve made it so easy for you to use.

Just click a few buttons and the computer goes to work crunching all the numbers. Within a few minutes you have a guide for a list of stocks and ETF s.

Even with all the fundamental analysis, price earnings ratios, economic projections, news events, pundits on TV, all they tell you is where they think the market should be. Just remember that nothing matters but price.

It s actually true that the market will tell you what it s going to do next. That s right, the market will tell you everything you need to know, you just need to learn how to listen, and I m about to show you how.

What You Really Need to Know

Does history repeat itself? Some say yes, some say no, others say everything is random.

My position, based on over twenty-five years of investing experience, is that the stock market is not random and that history does repeat itself. The key to investing success is to recognize this and take advantage of it, which I have done very successfully.

By knowing what to look for and observing just a few of the signals on any given stock or ETF you can catch the biggest and most profitable market swings.

The incredible breakthrough I ve been talking about is called the VISIONS VTAM Black Box. It is a member of the VISIONS investor tool set that has made investors like you a lot of money. If you are able to predict the direction of a stock with a high degree of accuracy, then the opportunity for success is endless. That is what I am revealing to you in this book.

VISIONS VTAM (Groenke V Technical Analysis Model) implements a Black Box algorithm that looks at what has happened in the past for any stock or ETF and provides an indication of when to Buy, Hold, Sell, or just Wait (do nothing). The details of the algorithm are revealed and described for your review and analysis.

Happy investing,
Ron Groenke

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